How the Environment Plays a Role on Learning

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Try visualizing how the environment transforms the lives of individuals on a daily basis; also ask yourself how it adversely affects learning. Common people should be able to conclude a few illustrations to how it is relevant to learning. By reason, the environment evolves correspondingly to humans and has many aspects which should be contemplated as an important component in learning. It is continually altering side by side with technology as well as presenting instructors improved capacity to teach and it has habituated a major convenience to those with specialized needs to benefit from education. The environment plays imperfect and agreeable roles in learning just how it does in our everyday lives, although most people might claim otherwise. Some might admit that it is not at all the environment that leads to a person succeeding or failing, but decide to criticize parents and how they raise their children. Derrick Meador’s article on stated, “The key factors in determining the quality of education a child receives is the value that their parents place on education and the time they spend working with them at home. You can put almost any child in any learning environment and if they have those two things, they are typically going to be successful.” That is a certainly assuming statement. If the environment does not give parents the continuance to teach their children what they learn in a classroom then Derrick Meador’s post does not coincide. Support should come from parents to their children, but the teaching should be left to the instructors and schools. It is the obligation of academic institutes far and wide to provide children, students and instructor’s opportunity in the forms that are necessary to be successful... ... middle of paper ... There are also pay schools and religious schools that have a unique subject they strive for children to develop off of. Schools such as those would have an environment that reflects the main academic target. Options for educational environments in the near and long term future will continue vast changes for every level of learning. Conclusion To conclude how the environment plays a role on learning, someone should simply observe how it manifests itself in their lives. If left with no importance the environment on learning will decay like a forgotten ship sitting in a salt water ocean. The environments involvement with development is too effective to overlook and is only as useful as individuals can understand it to their own advantage. Advancement in using the environment will give students, instructors and institutions the commendation they deserve.

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