Essay about Effects Of The Cuban Embargo On The United States

Essay about Effects Of The Cuban Embargo On The United States

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In 1898, Cuba was a geopolitical aberration (The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War). Cuba 's proximity to the United States made it a prime location for an eager young country to expand its territory. However, since the late 1800 's Cuba has been plagued with war, political strife and the promise of a brighter future. How did a promising new territory lead to a long-standing stalemate that ended with a strict embargo from the United States? To understand the full picture one has to review Cuba 's history, its independence from Spain, the drastic changes in the governing powers and life after the world wars under the rule of Fidel Castro. Lastly, what events have lead to the cooling of tensions prompting President Obama to campaign for the lifting of the Cuban embargo. These historical events will outline how 20th-century diplomacy will end hostile tensions with a once sought after Cuba.
The island of Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 beginning the colonization of the island under the flag of Spain. During Spanish rule it was later found that Cuba was a prime source of sugar leading to the sugar boom:
"As soon as Spain opened Cuba 's ports up to foreign ships, a great sugar boom began that lasted until the 1880s. The Island was perfect for growing sugar. It is dominated by rolling plains, with rich soil, and adequate rainfall. (
America 's involvement in the independence of Spain begins During the Spanish-American War of 1898. During this time Spain occupied and was resisting rebellion from two of its colonies, Spain, and the Philippines. American investors had more than "$ 50 Million invested in Cuban sugar, and American trade with Cuba, a brisk $100 million a year before the rebe...

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...ed and probably will not be lifted until further reforms to improve human rights in Cuba occur. For the trade embargo to be fully lifted several members of congress would like to see reforms that improve human rights on the island.

In conclusion by examining Cuba 's history, its independence from Spain, Cuba 's rule under Fidel Castro and the campaign lifting the Cuban embargo leaves me hopeful for Cuba 's Future. In the last three years alone significant changes to the lives of the people and the diplomatic ties breaking the long cold war era relations have already given hope to a new Cuba. Continued diplomacy and patients will be required for the lifting of the embargo leaving one to ask If these two countries have come this far, How will the next 3 year look for the Cuban people? The simple answer, unknown, but with proactive diplomacy anything is possible.

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