The Effects Of Television On Our Society Essay

The Effects Of Television On Our Society Essay

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It is often said that we live in a violent time. And obviously so, violence is an evil that corrodes the foundations of our society, to address this phenomenon is rigorously imperative to know how much violence broadcast media, how violence affects the viewers see what effects may result repeatedly violent solutions or recommendations that may have this problem images. Today we live in a consumer society where the media devour today and discarded; information loses the possibility of training and becomes an aging faster news. We are saturated with information and lack of knowledge. However, the power of socialization of the means is immeasurable, especially television that has a devastating and subtle effect, and that shapes our everyday attitudes and beliefs and makes us in his image and likeness. No one doubts that television is the main source of socialization, although more than socializing and humanizing and dehumanizing misinformation. The power of socialization of the means (not just TV) comes to multiply to become a subject of communication in the family, friends ...
We read little, write less, it reflects poorly. We live in the immediacy, the superficiality of the momentary image, though we criticize the media, they demand a ration growing proportion of sensations. So in television culture, violence is the rule, not the exception; idealization of survival and admiration for the strongest is transmitted, the most insensitive. Today television shows live wars, disasters and atrocities. There is no method to harm, kill or humiliate other than exposed, absorb violence that seems simulated; We read, see and hear news of violence so normal that we do while we eat. It seems as if we prove necessary devour disaster and suffering....

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...o people in their spare time. We all know that watching TV is something we do almost every day. But there are more effects, effects that can not easily be determined. For example, what changes television? Does it change our norms and values?
many studies in recent years on TV violence and follow the trail of the work of George Gerbner, which gives fundamental importance to content analysis. These studies identified, classified and counted the violence shown on screen, based on variables such as motives, antecedents and consequences of such acts; sociodemographic characteristics of aggressors and attacked; the type of (physical, verbal, psychological) violence; virtualization of individuals and groups, and the interaction between those involved; the narrative tone (serious, humorous); the intensity in the demonstration of violence and assurance (sadism, brutality) etc.

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