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  • Meno - Shape

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    "Shape is that which alone of existing things always follows color." "A shape is that which limits a solid; in a word, a shape is the limit of a solid." In the play Meno, written by Plato, there is a point in which Meno asks that Socrates give a definition of shape. In the end of it, Socrates is forced to give two separate definitions, for Meno considers the first to be foolish. As the two definitions are read and compared, one is forced to wonder which, if either of the two, is true, and if neither

  • Shapes and Their Areas

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    Shapes and Their Areas The objective of this coursework is to find out which shapes have the biggest area. The perimeter must be 1000m, and the shapes can be regular or irregular. First of all I will experiment with different rectangles, the different triangles, then pentagons. Then I will experiment with more regular shapes (or whatever type of shape has the largest area) to see the effect on area changing the number of sides has. I predict that the largest shape will be a regular circle

  • Shapes Investigation

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    Shapes Investigation I am doing an investigation to look at shapes made up of other shapes (starting with triangles, then going on squares and hexagons. I will try to find the relationship between the perimeter (in cm), dots enclosed and the amount of shapes (i.e. triangles etc.) used to make a shape. From this, I will try to find a formula linking P (perimeter), D (dots enclosed) and T (number of triangles used to make a shape). Later on in this investigation T will be substituted

  • E-Shape

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    E-Shape Aim 1. To find the E total on a 10x8 grid. 2. To find a formula to find the sum of the numbers in an E-shape on any width grid 3. To discover other ways to alter my investigation. 1. E total= 196 E1=196 2. 5 6 7 9 17 18 19 25 33 34 35 The red is the E number Etotal= 240 (11E)+185= E total 25 26 27 33 41 42 43 44 57 58 59 (11x25)+185= 460 E total= 460 The E number is the top left hand number in the E. E+1 E+2

  • Investigating Shape Patterns

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    Investigating Shape Patterns [IMAGE] My job is to investigate how many squares would be needed to make any cross shape like this build up in the same way. Below are diagrams of the cross shape pattern to the 8th sequence: [IMAGE] Here is my table of results, with the number of black, red and total squares Black Squares 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 Red Squares 1 5 13 25 41 61 85 113 Total Squares 5 13 25 41 61 85

  • T-Shape Investigation

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    T-Shape Investigation Firstly, I am going to look at the relationship between the t-number and the t-total. I am going to refer to these terms using the letters N and Z: n = t-number z = -total I will take the first t-shape at the top left of a 9 x 9 size grid. 1 2 3 4 10 11 12 13 19 20 21 22 28 29 30 31 37 38 39 40 N= 20 Z = 37 I predict that if I move the t-shape to a different location the t-total will be the t-number

  • Drain Pipes Shape Investigation

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    Drain Pipes Shape Investigation Introduction A builder has a sheet of plastic measuring 2m by 50cm, which he uses to make drains. The semi-circle is the best shape for a drain. Prove this. I will prove this by comparing its volume to that of other shapes. On older houses there are semi-circular drains but on newer houses there is fancier ones like pentagon shapes. Is this because they are better or is it simply for design? To find the volume of a 3D object I have to find the

  • Past experiences shape identity

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    “Past Experiences Shape Identity” Many believe that whatever situations have happened in the past should be left in the past. To others, the past holds a special place in their hearts because it has helped in shaping the person they have become today. One should always appreciate his or her ancestors and the struggles they have gone through throughout history such as slavery in order to bring us to where we are today. Though negativity can affect past experiences one should not dwell on it, but

  • Investigating Stair Shapes

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    Stair Shapes I am going to investigate into the stair total of different sized stair shapes on different sized number grids, the stair total being the total of the numbers inside the stair shape. I will then see if I can produce an algebraic formula to calculate this total for any sized stair shape on any sized grid. I shall start by finding a formula for the total of numbers in a 3-step stair on a 10×10 grid (for example see fig. 1), based on one of the numbers inside the stair shape.

  • Investigating the Isoperimetric Quotient of Plane Shapes

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    Investigating the Isoperimetric Quotient of Plane Shapes Problem: To investigate the isoperimetric quotient (IQ) of plane shapes using the calculation shown below. [IMAGE] Plan: ----- I will start off by investigating three sided shapes and then increasing the number of sides as I go along. I will be looking at how different factors such as the number of sides on a shape and the length and angle of the sides of the shapes affect the isoperimetric quotient. Hypothesis: