The Effects Of Television On Children On School Essay

The Effects Of Television On Children On School Essay

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Why do most children prefer to stay sitting in front of a TV rather then playing outside, exploring with family and others? Sadly, two-thirds of infants and young children watch an average of 2 hours of TV everyday. Watching TV may get in the way of doing multiple activities with young children and also even young adults. In today 's society, children would much rather prefer watching their favorite shows then actually doing productive activities. However the most important subject of all is how TV effects children in school.

To begin with, teens in school should really be the ones stay away from TV the most and focus more on their school work. That powerfully distracting screen may get in the way of homework, school work, and projects and will drop those grades in a matter of weeks. This is a major issue concerning teens.The more time a teen spends watching TV can seriously impact their grades. Teens may be thinking of watching their favorite show when they get home from school and may not pay attention during class rather then actually doing their school work. TV can often effect teens motivation in school giving school less of an importance to them and putting television before their education.Most of the studies show that teens that watch TV more then an hour a day have less of a chance to have academic success.The best time for watching TV should be saved for the weekends rather then throughout the week to where students may get more time to focus on more of school work without any distractions. I personally have been on this certain situation for quite a long time but I soon learned to get myself back on the right track and bring my grades up in school.I would always be distracted even at school just waiting on school ...

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...pire teens to try new things such as trying out or some sort of sports team, having a passion for plant and animal life, and even looking at different cultures. Certain documentaries can also inspire kids with critical thinking about our society today. Many life lessons are often introduced in TV giving teens ideas of certain consequences in any actions they might want to take in life. For instance, a smoking commercial may bring in a patient who is suffering from lung cancer to tell the viewers what will happen to anyone who is thinking about trying cigarettes for the first time. TV can bring lots of effect in the success of every teen depending on what kinds of shows they watch. It is always a good thing to watch educational programs over violent ones. Trust me, I 've been through the whole problem with watching TV and for one isn 't worth it in the end.

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