Television: The Advantages And Disadvantage Of Television

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The Television is a multi-sensory communication device that has led to form part of almost if not every family home (who can afford one) around the globe. It has the power to shape the way we think, to increase our knowledge and to allow us to have a break and to step away for a moment from our daily life. Regardless, to watch TV may bring a variety of advantages as well as disadvantages which can be observed particularly in the news, the comedy shows and action/adventure shows that requires discretion to use them appropriately so that it may not become counterproductive.
Firstly, to many people the television is their main source of recent news and current events. On the news there is always updates of the most recent controversies and stories that are occurring around us. This helps people to be informed of political, cultural, economic, and a vast amount of other topics
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It reliefs the audience to forget of their conflicts and the conflicts around them. Being able to take a small amount of time and watch an action/adventure show or movie can take one 's mind off of their problems and it does indeed have significant physical and mental benefits. Blood pressure can be lowered by simply watching thirty minutes of television. On the contrary, watching too much television leads to loss of one’s time. Additionally, it can cause eyesight problems and sometimes hearing problems because people tend to be too close when watching TV and to put the volume too high.
Also, watching television benefits the elderly primarily. They may live alone or they can have physical incapacities. Eventually, this provokes depression. Depression can be sever on those who live alone or those who do not have someone to chat with. Watching television helps to be similar to a companion who can be used at any time and hour of the
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