The Effects Of Social Class Reproduction On The Development And Shaping Of A Person

The Effects Of Social Class Reproduction On The Development And Shaping Of A Person

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Culture is a vital aspect in the development and shaping of a person. Sociologists Bowles and Gintis argue that social class reproduction occurs due to the specific set up of schools for different socio-economic classes. However, sociologist Annette Lareau, believes that the specific ways in which different social classes raise their children reproduce class more so than any institution actually in place. Through research done by Lareau, results show that middle class families structure the lives of their children much differently than those of the poor or working class families. My sister and I were raised in a very similar way to Lareau’s concerted cultivation, and the families that were interviewed by Lareau had similar perspectives with regards to how their children are raised.
In Lareau’s research, she classified two child-rearing approaches that are divided based on social class. Through this, she shows that the middle class exhibits what she calls concerted cultivation, and the working-class and poor utilize the accomplishment of natural growth. The concept of concerted cultivation involves parents taking a more active role when they raise their children and encouraging them. In natural growth, parents provide let them develop in an independent manner while providing necessities for their children. Categories like these are concerned with language, organization of daily life, interventions with institutions, and social connections. In reference to organization of daily life this means the activities or lack of activities a child participates in. The families that use concerted cultivation usually have numerous parent-planned activities, while a family using natural growth will have a much less structured day. Additionally,...

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...le growing up. Growing up in a white family, I most likely learned similar ways to respond to racial situations as Garett, as opposed to the Williams where race was a visible aspect of daily life.
Annette Lareau’s description of concerted cultivation certainly fit with how I was raised and how I interact with the world. In middle class America, concerted cultivation is a widely used technique, where as natural growth is found to be used more frequently in poor or working classes. Through the involvement in many activities, good communication, and ability in interacting with authority are learned in concerted cultivation and are highly rewarded traits in society. Overall, it may not be institutions such as schools impacting social class reproduction after all, but parenting techniques influenced by socio-economic class seems to influence and impact children the most.

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