Unemployment as a Social Problem

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Unemployment has many consequences to society. An overall view of how unemployment has on the economy includes severe financial hardship and poverty, high debt, homelessness and housing. Family tensions and breakdowns will have a psychological effect on the family of the unemployed worker. Shame and stigma will fall upon the unemployed worker as well as an increase in social isolation. Many unemployed workers become alienated with family members and groups of people around them, while others resort to a life of crime. There are others that lose their self-esteem as well as lose their work skills due to not using them on a daily basis. The people who are mostly affected by this are the lower income earners and the recently migrated workers. Unemployment and health are closely related to each other. Studies have shown that it can cause a number of chronic illnesses due to the stress caused by unemployment. Specific deaths have happened related to this which include: diabetes, pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis. It has also caused certain forms of mental illness such as depression. Un...

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