The Effects Of Sexual Assault On The Society And Justice Program At Dawson

The Effects Of Sexual Assault On The Society And Justice Program At Dawson

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This essay will discuss the topic of sexual assault. In the Law Society and Justice program at Dawson, students are taught to think critically about society. In terms of justice and law, they can impact people’s decisions, their choices, and their access to justice. The majority of individuals are unaware that a form of sexual assault takes place approximately every six minutes in the United States (Brison 6). Therefore, almost 293,066 accounts of sexual assault occur each year (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network 1). In this essay, the causes of sexual assault will be presented, the effects of rape on the survivor and society, an ethical theory, and its relationship to Law, Society and Justice.
According to the American Journal Of Nursing, sexual assault is defined as any sexual act that happens without the consent of the victim. In addition, it “occurs when a perpetrator commits sexual acts without a victim’s consent, or when a victim is
unable to consent (e.g., due to age, illness) or refuse (e.g., due to physical violence or threats)” (Basile 9). Sexual assault can be expressed in many forms. A sexual assault is also when one of the participants uses force on the other, and when a weapon is visible that may cause the victim to plead (Pukall 421). Rape is culturally constructed. Therefore, is it not a natural occurrence, and does not have to take place.

In society, sexual assault has become a frequent occurrence, and there are several causes that influence it, including the low rates of reporting, the stereotypical gender roles and expectations, the sociocultural context, the power differentials, and the hierarchy between men and women. It is important to be able to differentiate the truth from the misconceptions. Studie...

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... 425). Another solution is that women should receive advocacy from the government, in order to develop laws and punishments that will frighten perpetrators from committing an act of sexual assault. Creating laws and initiatives against sexual assault will assist this process and change the stigma against sexual assault. In addition, it is critical for the society to be educated and for services to be created in effort to help the victim recover and receive proper help. The government should fund these initiatives. In order for women to re build themselves, the rape culture must be alternated; rapists must be charged with the proper sentences, the trials must be done at a quicker and more effective pace, and the rape kits that are done must be tested (Brison 16). These solutions will allow women to feel as if they are receiving justice and are no longer being judged.

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