A Call To Action Against Campus Rape And Sexual Assault

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A Call to Action against Campus Rape and Sexual Assault
By: Carmen Gogu
In what is sure to be a very solemn matter for all American students and their families across the country , in January 2013 , President Obama, the office of the Vice President and the White House Council on Women and Girls converged and issued a renewed call to action against rape and sexual assault report which analyzes the most recent reliable data about this issue and identifies who are the most in peril victims of this malefaction, investigates the costs of this violence both for victims and communities , and describes the replication very often inadequate of the US malefactor equity system.
What many need to be vigilant of is that not just campus students are in jeopardy when it comes to ravish and sexual assault, but additionally people with disabilities , children and elders, the homeless, prison inmates and immigrants that do not have licit documentation and that many times are put in positions of sexual coercion.
Rape and sexual assault on campus it’s a sizably voluminous quandary in particular. R...

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