The Effects Of Secondhand Smoke On Children Essay

The Effects Of Secondhand Smoke On Children Essay

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Secondhand smoke, we have all heard of it and know at least one person that smokes. Throughout the history of smoking, many researchers have found that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the actual smoking of cigarettes. Many people know that there are dangers to smoking and secondhand smoke, but many tend to avoid the advice given to them. Secondhand smoke is very harmful to people of all ages. It destroys the inside and outside of one’s body. Secondhand smoke is not only dangerous indoors but as well as outdoors. On average every year there are many death results found. As humans should want to live a healthier life and come together to prevent smoking in the future.
Secondhand smoking is harmful to all age groups. The majority affected are mostly African Americans, but all ethic races are affected. The main African Americans that are affected are men around the ages of forty to seventy. Also African American infants have the most overall deaths from secondhand smoke. The infant death rate for African Americans are between twenty to thirty percent. “This burden results in communities of color suffering relatively greater losses,” both in health and economic potential to their communities and the nation” (The researchers wrote). With these averages, the African American infants only represent fifth teen percent of the total United States population. Secondhand smoke not only affects children within the mother’s womb but also on the outside of the womb as well. During pregnancy, the mother’s intake of nicotine and smoke can harm the growing fetus, causing complications. After the mother has given birth, the smoke can lead to breathing problems, ear infections, and other problems within the health of the infant. “It comes down...

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...with you to also limit them to secondhand smoke as well. Encourage and try to talk to your friends and loved ones to stop smoking. Explain the affects to them and explain how you live a healthy lifestyle.
Despite the fact that we all know the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke, many people tend to brush off on advice given to them. We know that neither smoking nor secondhand smoking is good for our body or to the environment. Secondhand smoke can be harmful to everyone. It can damage and destroy inside and outside the body. Secondhand smoke is more harmful to us than indoor and outdoor pollutions. Researchers have facts that death tolls are on a rise because secondhand smoke. With the history of smoking and the dangers of secondhand smoke, scientists can use their research to show that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the actual smoking of cigarettes.

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