The Effects Of Religious Intolerance On Society Essay

The Effects Of Religious Intolerance On Society Essay

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The Effects of Religious Intolerance in Societies
In the world we are in today, every continent, city, and smallest village has some sort of belief set. Religious belief frequently has the most impact over societies with religion’s ability to mold social laws, boundaries, and sometimes hold entire sway over government systems. However, because religion is left to interpretation of its audiences, religion itself can only be as peaceful or as violent as its followers make it. When religious beliefs are paired with religious intolerance, and people willing to act on that intolerance, religious beliefs can take a turn towards violence, death, and destruction. Religious intolerance is being unwilling to tolerate another 's religious beliefs or practices or lack thereof. The heartbreaking effects of religious intolerance on society, goes back thousands of years into humanities history and is even present in modern times. With so many of the world’s most monstrous acts, wars and mass genocides fueled by religious intolerance, it safe to say that as long as religious intolerance continues, so will death and suffering continue in human societies.
When religious intolerance is accepted and encouraged by religious and governing leaders, persecution and casualties are bound to follow. In 1478, Spain’s Monarchs Ferdinand II and Isabella I established the Spanish Inquisitions, with the intension of maintaining Catholic orthodoxy in their country and territories. The inquisitions were prisons intended to “convert” and punish people of Jewish and Islamic beliefs or anyone else who disagreed with the ideals of the Catholic Church. During the 350 year time period, am estimated total of around 125,000 prisoners of the Inquisitions were “investigate...

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...essly kills anyone who will not obey or convert to their extreme Sunni Islamic beliefs. Isis will even kill people of their own faith if they fail to meet religious standards or will not swear allegiance to Isis. Currently Isis continues to collect followers, and threaten the world with the intentions of terror and plans to eventually take over all countries by from within themselves. Isis is a prime example of how dangerous and catastrophic religious intolerance is. As long as religious intolerance exists, people feel the need to force their beliefs on others and when that doesn’t work the people will resort to violence. As long as religious intolerance exists, natural human rights will be taken, people will suffer and people will die. Until humanity can universally accept religious tolerance and accept each other others differences, the world will never know peace.

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