How the Crusades Changed Society

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In 1095 Pope urban II call all Christians to take part in what would become the world’s greatest Holy War in all of history. Urban’s called Christians to take up arms and help fight to take the Holy Land of Jerusalem back from the accursed Muslims. During this time of war the whole world changed. Land boundaries shifted, men gained and lost and gained power again, and bonds were forged and broken. The Crusades had a great impact on the world that will last forever. There were many major social, political, religious and economic changes that occurred during the crusades. But first, a brief history to give backbone to these reasons. In the year 1095 the First Crusade was just beginning. Pope Urban II called Christians to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim oppressors. He promised indulgences and the gift of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven for fighting in the holy war. Those that answered the call were peasants, beggars, the poor looking for riches and the unknown looking for glory. What started out as a pilgrimage to help fellow Christians secure their borders and repel foreign invaders soon became the first of many Holy Wars for the Kingdom of God. During The First Crusade peasants and knights alike fought for God and glory travelling east towards Jerusalem. In 1099 Christian forces reached Jerusalem and prepared for recapture. The western crusaders attacked the city and gained control of it. During the capture of Jerusalem, the crusading forces massacred not only Muslims, but Jews and even other Christians. Men women and children alike, no one was safe from these crusaders who did what they wanted. They butchered Jerusalem’s inhabitants in the streets, without care of what God might think (which is ironic considering this w... ... middle of paper ... ... in the Kingdom of Heaven, Balian teaches the people how to get water from the earth by digging a hole in the ground. The traders teach each other skills to make themselves better and more profitable. Although the crusades had many beneficial outcomes, some were not as great. During the crusades hatred formed between Christians and Muslims. This hatred will last many years and still continues today in some aspect. The constant fighting between the Christian crusaders and the Muslim people transformed religion into a license to kill, which justified the slaughter of men women and children. Although the crusades were seen as failures during their time, the crusades had a huge impact on the world. This impact can be seen through the many social, political, economic, and religious changes that developed during the crusades. Some of these changes still last to this day.
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