Essay about The Effects Of Poverty On Mental Health

Essay about The Effects Of Poverty On Mental Health

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The Effect of Poverty on Mental Health
Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, sets an example of the harsh and unsafe living conditions, as well the general low quality of life that many minority groups have to deal with in everyday life; articles such as “Poverty, Social Inequality and Mental Health” support the social accuracy of her story. Walter Younger, the lead male in Hansberry’s play, is especially affected mentally by the negative side effects of poverty and social inequality, particularly those brought on by poor living conditions and increased stress levels due to a low social status.
The relationship between mental health and poverty can prove to be complicated at times because of an overwhelmingly large number of outside factors. However, in Walter Younger’s case, the factors that are most directly affecting him are unsafe and dangerous living conditions, as well as high stress levels brought on by the inability to successfully support his family. According to “Poverty, Social Inequality and Mental Health,” written by Vijaya Murali and Femi Oyebode, “It is the poor who are exposed to dangerous environments, who (if employed) often have stressful, unrewarding and depersonalising work, who lack the necessities and amenities of life and who, because they are not part of the mainstream of society, are isolated from information and support….It has been known for a long time that the lowest-income groups are more likely to suffer negative effects of ‘risky’ health behaviors than their less poor counterparts. These ‘maladaptive’ behaviors are not necessarily undertaken with a harmful intent, but may be regarded as coping behaviors to provide comfort or relief from stressful lives.” When comparing given facts wi...

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...en relieve the stress of bringing a newborn child into an unsanitary home. Social status also plays a part in these feelings, because their new home and neighborhood will move them up a notch in society, even if their income stays the same.
As has been noted, Walter Younger is especially affected mentally by the negative side effects of poverty and social inequality, particularly those brought on by poor living conditions and increased stress levels due to a low social status. It 's no question that extreme stress and an unsafe home can take a dangerous toll on a person 's mental health. However, there is still hope among all family members, including Walter, that things will start to look up for them; with the given facts and analysations, a bright and happy future is definitely attainable for the Younger family given their determination to rise up out of poverty.

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