Mental Wellness And The Issue Of Mental Health

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Mental health issues affect people of every age all over the world, and there are so many complex disorders that people cope with. These issues and disorders include depression, anxiety disorders, and OCD (Fundamental facts about health, 2015). While many people suffer from mental illness, there is still a strong stigma surrounding the topic of mental health which makes it incredibly difficult for people, especially children and young adults, to talk about what they experience and to receive help. Many young people choose to suffer in silence than to be open about their challenges, however the statistics below confirm the issue of mental wellness is more common than people think.

According to a study of children and young adults by the Time
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Many young adults don’t know where to go because teaching professionals, and even parents, still have strong stereotypes of mental unwellness which causes them to react negatively towards the child struggling. Stigma is also keeping people from reaching their full potential. 27% of young people report giving up on their ambitions or hopes for the future because of the discrimination they experienced based on stigma. The combination of stigma and fear they won’t be taken seriously keeps people from seeking the help they need. “Depression is often brushed off as attention seeking and anxiety disorders are disregarded as over-reactions or over-exaggerations.” (consultant…show more content…
Mental health issues consitute the largest single source of world economic burden (Fundamnetal whatever) because so often mental health issues are linked to other health issues. However, changing the way the public sees mental health can make it easier for people who are facing these issues to reach out for help. Organizations that work to change mental health perception in London include Think to Change, Together for Mental Wellbeing, and the Mental Health Foundation.

The organization named Richmond Borough Mind, associated with Think to Change, has a wellbeing center about a mile away from the Richmond University campus that offers volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are able to run activity groups, like drama and creative writing, as well as work in the office, help at community fundraisers, and counsel. Most importantly the volunteers provide companionship to those affected by mental health issues, which is essential because mental illness can be an incredibly isolating experience.

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