Social Status and its Impact on Mental Health

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Social Status The lifestyle that people live in can ultimately change what your mental health standing can be. Social status is something that can be a huge determinant for someone’s mental health. Within Canada a lot of people worry what other people think of them. One way someone can feel excluded through life is through economic exclusions. If someone is looked at to be rich they are looked at to have a better mental health status, but if they are poor than they will be more susceptible to mental health issues in their life. When people have more money it means that they will have an easier life where they have nothing to worry about. Poor people are more likely to be mentally ill because they do not have the friends or support to help them get better. Within the developed world social status is a major aspect that can affect someone mental health status. The way that mental health is stigmatized within the community people who openly admit to having a mental illness do not end up fitting in within society. Bullying is an issue that arises in Canada because people do not fully understand mental illness. Within a developed country if you do not fit into certain groups of people bullying happens which can cause a lot of …show more content…

People who are in different societal groups measure health in different ways. Mental health affects people in developing countries in different ways because they look at different aspects of and compare different things. People in developing countries who have money and who are able to access the medical care are looked at to be at a higher social status. Medical care in these areas cost money, a lot of people who do not have the money are not able to access the support they would need to improve their mental health. Due to mental health being a topic that is rarely talked about it is also something that a lot of people suffer from but no one talks about because they are not able to get

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  • Explains that social status can be a huge determinant for someone's mental health. rich people have better health, but poor people are more likely to be mentally ill because they don't have friends or support.
  • Explains that social status is a major aspect that can affect someone's mental health status. bullying is an issue that arises in canada because people don't fully understand mental illness.
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