The Effects Of Physical Education On Children

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Did you know that “one out of three children in the United States is considered overweight”? (Miller). In today’s society, more and more students are gaining excessive weight which can lead to even worse internal problems like heart disease which can drastically shorten their life span. With school budget cuts and limited time available for the class, physical education has slowly become more obsolete in today’s educational requirements. If students cannot get the minimum time needed to burn the extra energy found in today’s foods and drinks, the extra fat adds up, and can create a buildup extra weight. With the rise of obesity, simply learning healthy eating and exercises can lead to a better life style later on in life. If physical education is not mandated to a more required status, students who need the time to learn and participate in physical activity may not or never improve. Physical education should be mandated in schools because of the numerous social and aesthetic benefits and should not be eliminated due to economic factors. Physical education is important for students in many ways like in the prevention of heart disease, obesity, and stresses of being overweight in school. The effects that obesity can cause to students and adults mentally can be devastating to the human body. Obesity can affect how one think of one’s body. Also, Teenagers tend to harass each other which can lead to bullying issues causing stress and in return lower one’s confidence level. In fact “The relationship between obesity and self perception, particularly in children and young adults has important implications for physical and psychosocial health and well-being” (Agarwal, Bhalla, kaur, Babbar). The effects of obesity and being ove... ... middle of paper ... ... skills may play a role in participation in various forms of physical activity later in life” (Sijtsma, Sauer, Corpeleijn). That quote relates to why physical activity is important for developing students to learn. Another supporting quote for the importance of physical education is “Physical education classes during and physical activity after school are becoming more important due to the rise of obesity in youth. Increased time in PE reduces the likelihood that youth children will become obese” (Clapham, Sullivan, Ciccomascolo). Obesity in students has become an issues because of social media and more and more food produces being high in sugar, salts and fats. In order for a student to maintain healthy weights, the gym teachers can also mention what to eat and what students should avoid like soda containing lots of high fructose corn syrup, a common ingredient
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