Essay Effects Of Obesity On America 's Health

Essay Effects Of Obesity On America 's Health

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Consumers need to know where their food comes from because of the effects on America’s health. People should know where our food is coming from, how it is being produced, if it is being cooked in a healthy manner, and who is preparing food in our restaurants. This is extremely important for all Americans to look into, because people are getting many kinds of diseases their bodies pick up from their eating habits. Some of these diseases include diabetes, e-coli, salmonella, obesity, high blood pressure, or even osteoporosis. There are many more that could occur, but those are a few of the high risk diseases from unhealthy eating. This being said, if Americans could all just take some time to research healthy foods recommended for us, it could prevent many deaths each year from unhealthy eating and even many of the long- term diseases which come from unhealthy eating.
According to Wendell Berry, in “Pleasures of Eating,” As Americans, people are not being cautious enough about the foods they are putting into their bodies. People need to be paying closer attention to the labels on foods, and doing the research to find out where the food is coming from. One can do so, by looking up the label information to find out where the farm or land is that people are getting their food from. Check to see if it is organic, and not running with diseases. Even check out the nearby land and farms. These farms could potentially send bacteria towards the land from which Americans buy their foods. Berry says that these clueless Americans have not been getting the “freedom” of our food. He is basically saying that people are blinded and deceived by all the great advertisements and food labels when they walk into the store, not having done ...

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...lly results in hiring Mexicans and Ecuadorians, because they stay loyal, hard- working, and do what they are told. That is the type of person Americans should want to have cooking their food. This being said, if the chef knows his workers and their work habits, before he makes them one of his cooks, it makes it easier to trust eating in their restaurant because they will be reliable and they want the best for their customers.
In conclusion, Americans should make sure that they are doing our research on the foods being purchased in stores, where it is coming from, and who is cooking these foods. It is very important to care about these things because it can prevent many diseases infecting the body, or even death just by paying more attention to what one is consuming on a daily basis. This is a simple, but life changing hint that all Americans should know.

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