The Effects Of Nationalism And The Ideology Of The Confederacy Had On Its Citizens

The Effects Of Nationalism And The Ideology Of The Confederacy Had On Its Citizens

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When I wrote my first paper regarding this question I gave the answer that I believed I would be military historian. However, after reading and discussing the texts for this class I have decided to change my answer. The reasons why being that the subject matter of these texts has raised new questions and peaked new interests that I would wish to try and answer about the history of the American Civil War. The area in which I am far more interested in studying is the reasons why the middle to lower class Southern citizens would enlist such massive numbers to fight a war that would not benefit them in any significant way. Why would they fight in a war that would be far more beneficial to their wealthier upper class fellow southerners? I believe to try and answer this question in the best way possible I would study the effects of Nationalism and the ideology of the Confederacy had on its citizens, much like Quigley does in his book. Although, southern nationalism would be my main area of study about the Civil War there are others that I am greatly interested and want to examine further such as the environmental, sensory, and literary history of the war. After reading the works by Smith, Fuller, Nelson, and Manning I have found new aspects to the war that I want to research further, so that I may be a better-rounded historian. However, I would still consider southern nationalism to be the specific field of Civil War history that I want to study.
One of the last books we read in class was Chandra Manning’s What This Cruel Was Over, (2007). I found this book very interesting and developed some questions regarding its content. In the first part of the book Manning argues that slavery was the ultimate cause of the war, which I do not dis...

... middle of paper ...

...ght for, could it have been a last ditch effort to keep slavery alive? At that point were the armies of the Confederacy just trying to keep the Union Army from destroying what was left of their home land? Did they even know why they were fighting at that point, was it to protect the young Confederacy, or rather to protect the ideology of the Confederacy that they found appealing as it first formed? I believe all these questions deserve an answer and should be looked into more closely. They are also questions that interest me the most about this rich era in American history. Therefore, I would consider myself a Southern nationalist Civil War historian because it is the field that I wish to research and attempt to answer questions about such as the ones I have listed above as well as others and it is the one I am most interested in after completing this class.

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