Global Tensions and Conflicts

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Whether it be genocides, wars or revolutions, there still are tensions and conflicts occurring in the world today. These tensions and conflicts not only affect the country or region they take place in, they often affect the rest of the world. For this reason, the Contemporary World theme of Tensions and Conflicts was chosen. The critical concepts of this theme are ideology, human rights, demand, diplomacy, intervention and interference. There are many reasons why tensions and conflicts occur. However, most of their causes are very complex. Some of the causes include territory, resources, issues of identity and the quest for political autonomy. Nevertheless, some of the greater sources are ideological and human rights conflicts and demands that are advanced by the two or more parties involved. Ideological conflicts correspond to the differences in the type of government, the distribution of wealth or the economic development of a state. The concept of ideology can be defined as a set of ideas, opinions and beliefs that constitutes a doctrine and influences the behavior of individuals or communities that adhere to it. Some examples of ideologies are dictatorship, anarchism, democracy and communism. This concept can be seen in today’s world through tensions and conflicts. For example, on January 25, 2011, protests began against Egypt’s president’s and dictator’s, Hosni Mubarak, regime. Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly young, were peacefully demanded the removal of Mubarak’s thirty year rule. They feed up with police brutality, lack of job opportunities and the rising food prices. They also did not want a regime that was harsh on the citizens. For all these reasons, the Egyptians organized a peaceful rebellion. Human righ... ... middle of paper ... ...ent we live in today is not the same as it was seven decades ago. The issues occurring in today’s world can all be linked such as politics, economics, culture and society. This assignment can be referred to Human Ingenuity considering that the initiation of a conflict may have positive or negative consequences. The conflict may either lead to a larger one, having an impact on the rest of the world or it may be resolved in peaceful and diplomatic means. This assignment can also fall under the area of interaction of Health and Social Education since the political landscape of the world is experiencing a time of transition. It is changing both rapidly and unpredictably. The tensions and conflicts seen are also changing. They can no longer be assumed to exist between the United States and Russia and their respective allies which have existed for the past seven decades.
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