Essay about The Effects Of Globalization On Public Health

Essay about The Effects Of Globalization On Public Health

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While goods and people moving from place to place can impact public health due to the spread of disease, it seems unlikely that most governments will restrict trade or travel generally. Globalization is increasing and unlikely to stop, making effort to secure public health by restricting trade or movement a difficult choice, as these movements are vital to too many systems and activities of governance and economy. Specific situations, such as a certain trade good suddenly discovered to be harboring disease or people of a certain area suddenly discovered to have a certain infections ailment, may cause limited and targeted stoppage to small parts of trade or travel, but only in the short-term. In the long-term, nations simply depend upon each other too much to make closing borders a viable way to address the problem of disease spread through trade and travel.
The problems are numerous, and make this a difficult issue to address. The story about Andrew Speaker seemed to show that the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. needs to be better able to identify and quarantine, at least from travel, cases of infectious disease. The issue is that while the idea of developed countries doing a better job controlling the travel of their infected citizens is a good one and will help, it does not address the problem of travel by those infected from developing countries. Additionally, with the U.S. importing more of its food supply than ever before, a way to identify and action food shipments with food-borne illnesses is becoming critical, as exemplified in the story about the Guatemalan strawberries containing cyclospora. Travel of infected and infectious persons coupled with large numbers of food shipments that may or may not contain disease ...

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...ood is produced. While a person in an area that has issues with food production may disagree, and rightly so as living today and being unhealthy or dying in the future is preferable to being dead now, we must not lose sight of the long term issue. Tobacco is a great stimulant among other things and many have used it to get going of regulate their lives, but it still kills eventually in spite of what tobacco companies stated for years. Trans fats were considered safe by the FDA for decades, but in the last 20 years we have found that this food is linked with a host of long term diseases, one might wonder if moneyed concerns delayed this process as well. If GM crops can be made safe for humans, there is a host of benefits that can be achieved, but currently, at least in my opinion, it is unlikely that we have adequately tested the possible harms, especially long term.

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