The Effects Of Facebook On Facebook And Facebook Essay

The Effects Of Facebook On Facebook And Facebook Essay

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The amount of negativity on Facebook and Twitter is ridiculous. On Facebook, the attacks tend to be on actors, politicians, athletes, and anyone else in the media at the moment that is currently garnering attention. The amount of negative posts right now towards both presidential hopefuls is overwhelming. It is shared articles as well as people posting comments that feel that their negative comments will somehow sway people to vote for the candidate that they approve of. I’ve already seen many people pleading with their Facebook friends to stop the political posts. We, the general public, are already getting bombarded with political messages daily, we don’t want to see it while we are relaxing and hoping to get away from it. The negative posts draw more negative comments from those who feel a person is wrong with the comments they have left. There have been full blown arguments from friends and relatives about who they think is right or wrong. The negative attacks are worse on Twitter. Since there is an opportunity to be a little more anonymous, the negativity is more person...

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