Effects Of Coffee Stunts Growth Acts Essay

Effects Of Coffee Stunts Growth Acts Essay

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Fifty-four percent of Americans over the age of eighteen drink coffee daily, and it seems that over the past 100 years, humans have gradually increased in height. Supposedly, there’s an old wives’ tale that claims “coffee stunts your growth.” The exact origin of the myth rests unknown, but it thought to have originated from the Europeans (Grabinski et al. 2). Over several decades, multiple studies have concluded that coffee actually does not stunt growth, helping to diminish previous ideas that it did. The misconception that coffee stunts growth acts as an old wife’s tale however, height is hereditary, and drinking coffee has many unknown health benefits.
As people go on living their normal day to day life, the influence of friends, family, and social media affect day to day life. Depending on the people and places they grow up around, it is not unusual for an individual to hear tall tales or myths as a child and hold on to that idea, assuming it stands factual. The language used to describe the medical disadvantages concerning coffee remained a popular myth. Individuals believed coffee would stunt their growth. Before the spread of this fictitious story, common belief in 17th century England included coffee lowering the chances of human blindness, reducing the chances of attaining edema, and decreasing joint pain felt by those with arthritis. The belief also included that this black liquid could reduce the chances of miscarriages and scurvy, a disease caused by not intaking enough vitamin C. The idea that coffee stunts your growth may have come from the misconception that coffee causes osteoporosis, a medical condition where the loss of tissue causes the brittle and fragile bones. Typically a result of a hormonal imbalance or b...

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...coffee to my patients? Doctor Dranoff asks. “For those with chronic liver disease, the answer is yes”.(Steppa)
Coffee has many labels as a destruction for a lot of things; height, diseases, miscarriages, etc., yet now researchers say it a healthy addiction. The idea that coffee stunts growth is a myth; hereditary determines a person 's height, and coffee provided benefits for an individual 's health. Although adding coffee addictions such as sugar and creamer detracts from coffees commendable health effects would not be beneficial. This brown, liquid, hot fresh beverage has proven through various studies and experiments, why individuals must drink coffee everyday. As stated before, over half of all Americans drink coffee everyday, with the population’s height growing every year. Perhaps, as years progress the height will keep getting towering, making the myth wrong.

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