Compare And Contrast Coffee And Tea

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Coffee or Tea
Do you prefer coffee or tea? Most people will choose one or the other; and only a few enjoy drinking both. It is often said that what we choose to drink, coffee or tea, depends on our personal preference and the environment. However, whoever said that probably did not look at their receipts and realize how often they ordered the same drinks. Social researchers found out that our personality and our lifestyle might have an impact on and influence what we drink. Though both tea lovers and coffee drinkers are somewhat similar in terms of they are both obsessed with their drink, they differ in that tea people are more relaxed and leisurely and coffee people are more productive and have a faster pace of life.
Our personality have a great influence on which drink, tea or coffee, we prefer over the other. Normally a person who drinks tea have a slower pace of life style. Tea drinkers usually take the drink slowly and let it wait to cool down. As tea drinker usually have their drink in little flavor, they usually eat biscuits while drinking tea
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Coffee people drink coffee with a purpose, they need the caffeine to make them more alert and increase their productivity. On the other hand, tea drinkers usually drink tea because of the enjoyment that tea give them, the relaxations that tea provide. It is typical to imagine that a person holding a cup of coffee is working over night at an office and a tea person is often reading newspaper at Sunday afternoon. Unlike tea drinkers, coffee drinkers are more attached to their drink compared to tea drinkers. A coffee drinker must have his coffee fix every single morning otherwise he or she cannot function without it. However, a tea drinker can easily live without drinking tea for even a few days. Even though they both have caffeine inside their drink, coffee drinkers seem to be more addicted to caffeine and as time goes, they will become more dependent on