The Effects Of Classical Music On Memory Essay

The Effects Of Classical Music On Memory Essay

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Classical music as recall enhancer
It is a stark reality that memory tends to fade with the passing of the years. “To do lists” usually become part of older people’s daily routines. Methods to decrease such negative effects are widely sought to counter this problem: self-help books, brain games, and supplements such as Ginkgo Biloba. Scientifically, there are a small number of studies indicating that music can help people’s mood and emotion, and thus improve positive effects on memory processes. Memory involves three processes encoding, storage, and retrieval, (Ford-Martin, 2001). In the search for natural methods to increase short-term memory I wonder: does listening to classical music help people recall information. To answer this question, this study aims to investigate how classical music could improve to free-recall.
Free-recall is the presentation of material to a person with the consequent task of remembering as much as possible about the material without any cues. Free-recall is associated with memory: the ability to store and later, remember events and facts previously learned. The element of attention (focus on particular tasks, ignoring the rest) is essential in free-call. There are many factors that can affect free-recall: concussions, brain ailments, and normal aging process to name a few. Music is an integration of various elements: melody, harmony, tone, and rhythm. Music has been a greatly used technique to help children memorize educational material, (Ford-Martin, 2001). To process music, the human brain follows an ordered sequence. For this to take place, several areas of the brain must be simultaneously activated. It has been found that music has even the power to evoke several affective states in humans: emot...

... middle of paper ... contingent on cells in the hippocampus, which increases neural firing. Additionally, researchers suggest that dopamine activates the reward system and errors in prediction; these errors in prediction are vital for learning, (Garrett, 2011).
Given the favorable results that uplifting classical music experts had the ability to enhance these brain activities, this study aims to study whether cheerful classical music (specifically Vivaldi 's "Spring" Concerto) can enhance free-recall. It is hypothesized that listening to classical music can enhance people’s free-call than people listening to rock music, or those not listening music at all. Because classical music is expected to cause positive emotion and greater brain activity than the other two conditions, it is also expected that participants under this condition will free-recall more words listed without any cues.

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