Effects of Children with ADHD on Parents Essay

Effects of Children with ADHD on Parents Essay

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that affects 5.29% of the population(Polanczyk, Lima, Horta, Biederman & Rohde, 2007). The disorder makes it hard for children to concentrate, learn and interact. A disorder like this can be debilitating for children making it hard for them to complete almost mundane tasks. However, a disorders can be equally, if not more stressful on the parent of the child. Any parent is put though a lot with their child but the pressure is doubled and maybe even tripled when the child needs you constantly. Being a parent of a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder extremely strenuous and grueling at every stage of the child’s life continuing into adulthood.
First, it is important to look at the child, the disorder and it’s factors to get a bigger and clearer picture. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (2013) as “a pattern of behavior, present in multiple settings (e.g., school and home), that can result in performance issues in social, educational, or work settings. As in DSM-5 states, symptoms will be divided into two categories of inattention and hyperactivity and impulsivity that include behaviors like failure to pay close attention to details, difficulty organizing tasks and activities, excessive talking, fidgeting, or an inability to remain seated in appropriate situations”(American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (2013) states that the child must exhibit at least 6 of the listed symptoms to be classified as having this disorder. This is a child that cannot sit still, pay attention in class, constantly running around, and fidgeting. We can clearly see how these sympto...

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