The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children Essay examples

The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children Essay examples

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In the bible sexual immorality is its own separate sin, so it is no surprise that while any abuse can be devastating to a child, sexual abuse has its own separate stigma, patterns of behaviors and suppression. As I research this paper I find it exceedingly difficult to read, research and write about this topic, there are just too many open wounds that are being pushed and even writing this introduction I want to switch topics. As a victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) you can understand that it is difficult to even consider the topic, to dive a little deeper I was even in complete denial that writing about this topic would affect me.
Children between the age of 7-13 are the most vulnerable to CSA, and statistic state that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are affect by CSA, however the accuracy of these statistics are uncertain as many cases of CSA go unreported (Child Sexual Abuse Statistics). The effects of Childhood sexual abuse are vast and we are only at the being stages of understanding both long and short term effect on a human and how it can affect every faucet of a person life.
It is rare for a child to immediately report incident of sexual abuse, the reason for the delay of reporting is believed to be shame, fear, and confusion may surround the sexual abuse experience and these feelings may be intensified by the abuser’s threats and actions to silence the child. And sometime when children decide to disclosure they are met with a dismissive, disbelieving, unsupportive, hostile, or un-protective response can be traumatic in itself. O’Leary, Coohey and Easton work, in 2010 has helped to shed light why so many survivors of CSA struggle with mental health disorders (O 'Leary, 2013). According to the study adult in their 30’s ...

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...ysical gaping sores there is a denial in acceptance that anything happened because the wounds can be hidden and denied and avoided.
Child Sexual Abuse has devastating effects, which can be both long and short term. The victims may feel powerless, ashamed, and distrustful of others. The abuse may disrupt victims’ development and increase the likelihood that they will experience other sexual assaults in the future. In order to comprehend the long lasting effects of child sexual abuse, multifactor studies must be conducted that take into consideration developmental, individual, familial, relational, and contextual aspects as well as a detailed description of the abuse (Fresno, 2014). Every child can be at risk at any point in their life and the first step toward prevention is communication with children that is nurturing and supportive, victims can become victimizers.

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