The Effects Of Animal Agriculture On Our Environment Essay

The Effects Of Animal Agriculture On Our Environment Essay

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While gas guzzling transportation systems and mass amounts of waste have contributed greatly to climate change, there is another key factor that affects the environment even more so. Animal agriculture has detrimental affects on our environment as a result of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation (Meat the Truth). The work of world wide agriculture has allowed animal products land on plates in developed countries and in the developing as well. This force of globalization has a negative impact on the environment due to the world’s growing demand for meat.
Eighteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by livestock farming, while all the transportation systems combined only come out to thirteen percent (Meat the Truth). One of the environment 's most vital defense against these emissions is the Amazon rain forest. However, due industrialization of farming, in order to produce mass amounts of meats, the Amazon is being deforest in order to plant soya crops. These crops are transported to Europe to feed livestock (Meat the Truth).
However, it is not only the need for soya crops to blame. The Amazon is also being deforested in order to make room for cattle ranches. Brazil is the world’s main beef export, and to keep up with the demand around the world, farmers must make choices for profit and not the betterment of the environment (AFP). Rancher Lazer Soares do Castro admits that he only purposefully left a few trees and bushes in the middle of the pasture, “It serves as shade for the cattle herd. It is a very hot region, and the cattle are always looking for shade to lay down in and ruminate. And when they do that, they turn the food into nutrients and gain weight” (AFP), Changing the landscape this drastically is...

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...e for the environment to buy products that were made locally and from smaller farms that allow their animals to be free range (The Guardian). However, if this is out of budget for individuals, Marianne Thieme proposes a new approach, “If all americans didn’t eat meat for just one day a week, this would save ninety million plane tickets from New York to LA” (Meat The Truth).
Overall, the globalized mass production of meat due to increased consumption has been the most detrimental cause of global climate change. Deforestation of the amazon for livestock feed and cattle, including the emissions of methane from cows, and the pollution from animal excrement all negatively affects the world’s environment. Combating the adverse globalization of animal production by paving a way towards a more localized and sustainable meat consumption will greatly benefit the environment.

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