Essay on Effects Of Advertisements On Children 's Advertising

Essay on Effects Of Advertisements On Children 's Advertising

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Over a trillion dollars is spent to get people to “want” not “need.” Advertisements have been in American society since the day we broke off from Britain. As time went advertisements have become more apart of every Americans life. No person can escape advertisements, walking down the street people see them, on phones people see them, music, radio, Television, countless of ways to get to people. The question is, do advertisements actually do their Job by persuading a person to have an interest in whatever the advertisement is showing. Advertisements are successful in the fact they do grab the attention and do get results by people in particular areas or socioeconomic groups. Companies target different audiences with different types of advertisements, and those advertisements are used to convince customers to buy their product.
The largest and most influenced audience is children. There is a saying, “If you get them early you get them for life.” Most children will see an advertisement on a nerf gun for example, and that advertisement has the gun looking huge and the people in the advertisement in army clothes or an intense situation. When a child looks at an advertisement like that they begin to think that they are that kid has to duck, dive and shoot and has a responsibility and makes them feel bigger than they actually are. This a deceiving technique advertisers use to pick up young kids to buy this product. Furthermore, look at teenagers; they always want to have the most in fashion or “coolest” items that makes them fit in better. Stores like old navy can target teenagers because they are vulnerable to feeling the “coolest” or in style. If old navy advertises with key words like “new” or “best” it attracts teenagers to...

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... words, make claims of success, or creates an environment where people can think they fit in. That’s why retails tries to sell the best for cheap because they know if one person buys it then another will see it and will want it then buy it, the chain just keeps on going.
In conclusion, advertising is a smart business that does bring customers to a business. The twist on advertising is that the developers of these advertisements are smart and use cunning words to deceive the audience. Extensive research is done for an advertising to organize and label certain groups economically, geographically, and how old the person is. By targeting those groups Advertisers can perfect the words they use, use certain images that pertain to that person. By using these sly tactics advertisers around the globe have significant success to make customers want items, not need them.

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