Essay on The Effectiveness Of Nazi Propaganda

Essay on The Effectiveness Of Nazi Propaganda

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The effectiveness of Nazi Propaganda

There have been many varied opinions on the effectiveness of the Nazi propaganda used by Hitler and his teams of propaganda writers throughout World War II. The bizarre Hitler Myth grew into a fanatical use of hatred for what reason? His popularity was astounding with the German masses and grew to a frenzied state quickly. Hitler’s rise of his image was built on a fairly new manner of technology allowing more exposure to the people. This paper will examine the exponents of this new image building phenomena and prove its use built the man into a myth of sorts. How did the Nazi party in particular use this notion to gain momentum quickly from the propaganda and was it the tool that allowed the atrocities that were carried out in the name of the Third Reich?

Conditions That Lead to War
World War II was a most horrific loss of human life and the technical advances since the first World War I seemed to push those numbers to the limits. If we want to look at the causes of the Second World War we must look to the First World War and what were the remainder of limitations placed. Germany’s economy was drained following WWI, to recover it increased the social spending and tried to create projects of transportation and modernized its utility plants to try to battle the unemployment rates. Also we need to look at the feelings of resentment still held towards the world powers.
Germany was put under limitations from the Treaty of Versailles, first Germany had to accept the blame for starting the war and reduce its military power to an army of 100,000 men and a navy of 6 ships. Second, it was not allowed to have an air force or submarines. Third it lost quite a bit of land, Alsace-Lorra...

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...t with this disease. Goebbels had a skill in using propaganda to persuade the German people and instill fear that this could happen. He knew the Germans were distraught with the outcome of World War I and the restrictions place upon them after. They were ripe for the picking to warp their minds into believing in the Third Reich and it’s abilities to thwart this from happening. It built up a hatred for other lesser races, so much that they would perform atrocities against those. The anti-Semitic philosophy that came mainly from the opinion-shaping institutions lead by officials placed there by Hitler himself, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Dietrich.

They placed thousand upon thousands of posters, printed Hitler’s speeches in the press and broadcast it over radio. “In a dictatorship resting on the “leadership principle,” Hitler’s anti-Semitic convictions defined policy.”2

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