Effective Teaching in Elementary schools Essay

Effective Teaching in Elementary schools Essay

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Effective teachers are those that can develop the knowledge and skills they need in the classroom, they are well prepared, and produce higher student achievement (NCATE, 2013) . Teacher effectiveness is assess through the grades students get in the classrooms but a much more comprehensive system for assessing teachers is needed to determine their preparedness to enter the classroom as a sole practitioners. Teacher preparation is composed of two elements the knowledge they poses of the subject to be taught and knowledge and skill in how they teach that subject (NCATE, 2013). Many teachers have the knowledge of the subject but fail to teach the subject. Knowledge is not the same as teaching, there are a variety of differences between the two. A teacher goes to school learns a myriad of subjects decides on one and goes into learning how to teach that subject. There is a difference between knowing the material and being able to teach it.
Evaluating of teachers is done at a state and district level, through an evaluation system that is implemented but the system has limitations (NCATE, 2013). The evaluation system fails to differentiate between excellent instructions and poor instructions, as well as failing to define a minimum standard of effectiveness (Kane, 2013). Effective teaching could not be achieved without effective leadership. The success of a school depends largely on the effectiveness of the principal. The student learning process and development depends largely on the involvement of teachers, parents and administration all who play key roles in the cognitive development of the student (Everard, Morris, & Wilson, 2013). In a technology driven world where technological advances are rapidly changing schools nee...

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...lligence is the key to creating an environment that promotes learning and achieves optimal results in students achievements.

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