Essay on Effective Self Awareness And Self Management

Essay on Effective Self Awareness And Self Management

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In today’s working environment successful leaders must have the ability to step forward and break out of their shells in order to be successful. Since studying organizational development I have become more cognizant of this fact. Through the study of organizational development, I have seen skills, that are strengths for me, and some I can improve. The following sections will identify the areas of strength I have been successful with and the areas that I see can be improved.
My OD Competency Areas of Strength
Two areas of strength I have identified are self-awareness/self-management, from the Interpersonal Skills and Personal Characteristics category, and public speaking in the General Personal Skills category. In the past I would not have considered these as strengths, but over time they have become an integral asset as I have progressed in my personal life and career. I have been able to utilize them to my advantage in order to receive effective feedback such as constructive criticism or when I have a disagreement with others.
The key to effective self-awareness/self-management is knowing yourself and how to use your emotions as they happen. The older I have become I have been able to analyze situations and people and respond accordingly. By staying aware of my emotions, I am able to keep my emotions in check and remain flexible in how I direct my behavior when handling situations and people.
A perfect example of this concept is a few years ago when there were management changes. During the transition period, there were misconceptions on many of the processes that had previously been conducted I felt my new manager was disagreeing with several of my approaches to handling these situations. This caused much discor...

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... take steps to minimize the potential risks? Another factor would be to really review the risk and see if there could be a cost associated with the risk. Will it cost money, health, or relationships?
For role clarification I really need to focus on discussing my concerns with management on what my role truly is. I can communicate with management by taking on additional responsibilities such as project management to assist the team. Another action item is to review my performance management plan to further clarify my role through objectives. This would illustrate to management my extensive capabilities.
Utilizing the organizational competency assessment, I have identified areas of strength and improvement that will further my personal development. By providing examples and developing an action plan, I will improve my abilities to be the leader I know I can be.

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