Essay on Effective Communication Of The Gospel

Essay on Effective Communication Of The Gospel

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How best should pastors present the Gospel to their congregations? This question plagues every pastor. Effective communication of the Gospel should be the primary goal of any local pastor. One cannot effectively communicate the Gospel without taking the dynamics of their hearers into consideration as part of the preparation of delivering a sermon. Tisdale advocates for careful congregational exegesis as part of any good sermon in her book Preaching as Local Theology and Folk Art. Tisdale suggest that every pastor needs to become an amateur ethnographer and decode the complex mix of subcultures of a congregation to develop an understanding of how best to present the Gospel within the native culture of the congregation. Tisdale lays out a two tier approach for this congregational exegesis: symbolic and cultural analysis. It is this second approach for which the congregational exegesis for Lansing Woodview Church of the Nazarene will examine worldview, values and ethos.
Congregational Demographics
Lansing Woodview Church of the Nazarene is a small congregation located on the north side of Lansing, Michigan. The church averages about 94 in weekly worship and is predominately white with only a less than 10% of those in attendance identifying as African American, Hispanic or Asian American. The church is multi-generational with a good distribution across the generations from infants to the elderly. There is also a great deal of economic diversity within those who regularly attend the church from those who are impoverished to very successful business owners and executives. The congregation also features a mix of congregants that are new to the congregation, coming in the last 2 years, and those who have been in the church more than 10 y...

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...acher is how to more effectively preach the Gospel to their particular congregation. At Lansing Woodview to more effectively preach the Gospel means accommodating a large range of worldviews within the greater congregational identity. It requires an approach to preaching the Bible that crosses generational, educational and socio-economic barriers to present the love of Christ and challenge the faithful to continue to grow in their walks with God. This manifest itself in presenting the challenging aspect of the Gospel as simply as possible while recognizing the triumphs of the past and the hope of the future. And it is the hope of the future that is the heart of the Gospel for everyone. That through the grace of Jesus Christ, we have a life transforming relationship with God that shape our lives in the here and now and sustains us with the promise of a glorious future.

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