Essay on The Effect of Physical Education on Academic Achievement

Essay on The Effect of Physical Education on Academic Achievement

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The controversial topic in the realm of physical education is if physical education should remain in schools. Higher up’s are complaining about test scores and suggesting that cutting physical education programs would lead to better test scores. Technically, this would lead to more time spent sitting in a desk and listening to lectures in class, which is supposed to improve test scores. So, the solution to increase test scores is to take the small chance of physical activity that children receive during the school day and keep them almost completely sedentary for six-plus hours. When physical activity is restricted during school hours, children do not regain the lost physical activity after school, resulting in children who remain sedentary for the entire day (Dale, Corbin, & Dale, 2000). Per the CDC, more than one third of children and adolescents were obese in 2010 (2013). What educated person would argue that keeping our children sedentary for almost a third of the day is the right move here? This does not make sense when one remembers that a third of our children are already suffering from weight issues. Removing physical education does not appear as a logical move if the health and wellness of our future leaders is the real concern.
If these children spend a third of the day sleeping (eight hours), then spend almost another third sitting in school (six-to-eight hours), that leaves eight hours of the day for children to remain active. This isn’t even taking into account the amount of homework the children have to complete or things around the house to do. There is no telling what every child has to do when they get home from school. They might have no opportunities to be active, or live in a neighborhood where it’s safer to st...

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