The Effect Of Obesity On Children And Household Routines Essay examples

The Effect Of Obesity On Children And Household Routines Essay examples

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Anderson, S., & Whitaker, R. (2010). Household Routines and Obesity in US Preschool-Aged Children. Pediatrics, 125(3), 420-428. doi: 10.1542/peds.2009-0417
In this academic journal, Sarah E. Anderson, PH.D. and Robert C. Whitaker, MD, MPH examine the correlation between obesity in preschool-aged children and household routines. They believe that eating the evening meal together as a family, having a sufficient amount of sleep, and regulating screen-viewing time are all influential factors on the health of a child. Through a cross-sectional analysis of a nationally representative sample, the authors claim that the three household routines did decrease the prevalence of obesity in those exposed to them in comparison to those that did not have the exposure to any of these routines. Also, their research examines the association of childhood obesity and the number of household routines with maternal obesity status, racial/ethnic group, maternal education level, household income, or single-parent status. The authors provide a strong theoretical to describe how obesity and household routines carried out by parents are connected. Their academic journal is thoroughly written throughout and provides an adequate explanation. The article is useful and provides a crucial element in the field that concentrates on parenting and obesity together. It emphasizes how crucial it is for parents to implement and promote good healthy eating habits and other practices.
Blaine, R. E., Fisher, J. O., Taveras, E. M., Geller, A. C., Rimm, E. B., Land, T., ... Davison, K. K. (2015). Reasons Low-Income Parents Offer Snacks to Children: How Feeding Rationale Influences Snack Frequency and Adherence to Dietary
The academic journal explores the reasoning of low...

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...cumentary provides strong anecdotes and the references as well as opinions of many physicians, pediatricians, and other medical practitioners. The anecdotes show us the detrimental consequences of obesity on children and their troubles that manifested from it. The documentary is interesting and contains recent information, which still reflects society currently. In particular, this documentary is vital in connecting childhood obesity and parents together. It is helpful in allowing the viewers to understand and to see first hand the impact of being obese as a child.
Perez-Pastor, E., Metcalf, B., Hosking, J., Jeffery, A., Voss, L., & Wilkin, T. (2009). Assortative weight gain in mother–daughter and father–son pairs: An emerging source of childhood obesity. Longitudinal study of trios (EarlyBird 43). International Journal of Obesity, 33, 727-735. doi:10.1038/ijo.2009.76

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