The Effect Of Nurse Staffing On Hospital Readmission Essay example

The Effect Of Nurse Staffing On Hospital Readmission Essay example

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The Effect of Nurse Staffing on Hospital Readmission: A Literature Review
Nurse staffing is perceived as a major issue due to its effect on the safety and quality of patient care (Hinno, Partanen and Vehvilainen-Julkunen, 2011). Inadequate patient care could result in readmission. Readmission and emergency department visits by patients within 30 days of their discharge exhibits avoidable and costly outcomes (Weiss, Yakusheva and Bobay, 2011). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has developed a financial penalty refusing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services for hospital reimbursement due to readmission (Berenson, Paulus and Kalman, 2012). Hospitals are now seeking to reduce patient readmission. The pertinence of this literature review is to unfold the effect of nurse staffing on patient readmission.
Correlation between Nurse Staffing and Hospital Readmission
The result of Diya, Heede, Sermeus and Lesaffre’s (2011) study the relationship between patient mortality, readmission and nurse staffing levels. It concludes that higher nurse staffing on postoperative cardiac surgical units alleviated patients from avoidable readmission and in-hospital mortality. The study was done as a Bayesian multilevel analysis. The participants were 9054 cardiac patients between the ages of 20 to 85 years, admitted into 28 Belgian acute hospital’s and their nursing data in 2003 (Diya et al. 2011, p.1074). There was no conflict of interest noted in the findings.
A study was conducted recording nurse staffing for six months from four medical surgical unit hospitals, and the result shows that higher nurse staffing reduced patient readmission (Weiss et al. 2011). For this study, questionnaires, medical records and nursing administrative data on 1892 pa...

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...rtainly lead to another readmission. Another factor that could lead to readmission could be the "improper transfer of patients between healthcare facilities and/or providers", which could lead to improper diagnoses (Minott, 2008). A readmission could also occur if a patient is "discharged from a healthcare facility prematurely, are discharged into improper settings, or without receiving adequate information or resources to ensure continued progress". In addition to this, "a lack of system factors, such as coordinated care and seamless communication and information exchange between inpatient and community-based providers, may also lead to unplanned readmissions" (Minott, 2008).
Nursing Practice
One of the nursing practices that has been deemed to be beneficial is the practice of preventing the inappropriate use of the emergency department (ED). This involves "placing

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