Essay on The Effect Of Music On Math Performance

Essay on The Effect Of Music On Math Performance

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The results showed that there is a significant effect of music on math. Participants who listened to music performed better than participants who completed the tasks without music. Depending on the test the participants received, they either started the test with music playing first, or music playing last. One possible explanation of these results is that participants who performed the tasks with music first felt the overall task was too long. As the participants started to inch towards the end of the task, their attention began to dwindle, contrary to participants who listened to the music last, which gave them a boost of energy. The results of the significant effect was supported by Dobbs, Furnham, & McClelland (2011), who discovered there were consistent positive effects of music found for simple math problems, similar problems that were used in this study.
Also, results showed there are no significant interaction between gender and music on math. A possible explanation to this finding is some of the participants reported their habitual routine of listening to music while completing school related tasks. Other participants reported the tasks were difficult to complete because they are not use to completing a task with background music. Studies show that it is not the gender that is an important factor, but it is the individual, and the nature of the distraction. In a study of work performed, the psychologist noted that some personality types may be more susceptible to the mood enhancing effects of music than others; this could cause an increase or decrease in their performance (Dobbs et al., 2011).
Based on the study, there is no effect of gender on math problems. The results could be affected by the simplicity of the math pr...

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... fairly high on this task. What should have happened, according to studies, being engaged in another task and listening to music may influence working-memory capacity (Fraser, 2014). Based on the findings from the study there was no interaction between music and gender and no effect of music on the recall task. This could be due to the pattern of reading comprehension, recall and math during the task, although we had counterbalancing, after the second round of problems, participants already knew the pattern and components to follow each question. Studies support this evidence; there has been evidence to suggest that there is an interaction between task difficulty and music with performance being the best in low demand condition. The more simplistic the task is, the less effect it will have on individual’s ability to recall the information (Eals & Sliverman, 1994).

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