The Effect Of Muscle Force And Emg Activity Essay

The Effect Of Muscle Force And Emg Activity Essay

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The muscles in our body perform various functions such as helping with blood circulation, digesting food, and moving parts of the body. The three types of muscles cells found in the body are the cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle cells. The purpose of this lab was to determine the relationship between muscle force and EMG activity, and to examine the effects of muscle size and muscle force. In this lab, we used iWork physiology kit to record the bursts of muscle action potentials during a muscle contraction which is also known as an electromyogram (EMG). We then used this data to compare the maximum muscle force, half-maximum muscle force, and the half- maximum fatigue time to a person’s forearm circumference (muscle size).
After performing the EMG and Grip Strength exercise, we were able to obtain the data from Figure 1. The lowest grip strength that was recorded had an EMG area of .147 and a force curve area of 10.772. The highest grip strength recorded had an EMG area of .328 and a force curve area of 20.616. In addition, there appears to be a linear relationship between the EMG activity and muscle force. According to the Figure 1, it can be concluded that the greater the EMG area, the greater the muscle force curve. Also, during the exercise, the muscle fibers in my forearm didn’t contract in an “all-or-none fashion”, but performed in graded potentials. One reason why the graded potentials occurred was due to the strength of the stimulus. The strength of the stimulus varied throughout the exercise which affected the magnitude of the graded potential and the number of channels opened. Another reason why the graded potentials occurred was due to the short durations of the stimulus. Thus, the longer the stimulus, the longer t...

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...earm in centimeters. In addition, the circumference of my non-dominant and dominate forearm were the same (23cm). If I completed this lab on my non-dominate forearm, I would expect my maximum force and half-maximum fatigue time to be lower than my dominant forearm due to neural coordination.
Overall, the purpose of this lab was to examine the relationship between the muscle force/ size of an individual and the EMG activity. I could conclude that there is no relationship between a person’s muscle size and muscle force. Fortunately, during this lab we did not experience any error. However, if I performed the EMG activity again, I would have performed it on my non-dominant forearm too. I would then compare the results between my dominant and non-dominant forearm to determine if there is a significant difference in the muscle force and muscle fatigue from both forearms.

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