The Effect Of Balance On Gait Of Children With Cerebral Palsy Essay

The Effect Of Balance On Gait Of Children With Cerebral Palsy Essay

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This systematic review consists of 15 articles that were selected based on their relevance to our chosen research question. These studies focus mainly on the effect of balance on gait, the effect of strength on gait, and the use of technology and surgery to assist in normalizing the gait of children with Cerebral Palsy. Of the articles selected, five focused on balance, five focused on strength, and five focused on assistive technologies and surgery.
Of the 15 studies that were examined, five of the studies focused on balance in regards to gait in children with Cerebral Palsy. In the Wallard, Dietrich, Kerlirzin, and Bredin (2014) study the gait of children with Cerebral Palsy was looked at as a whole. A healthy gait is characterized by an equilibrium of the distance between the center of mass and center of pressure during movement (Wallard et al., 2014). It was discovered that there is significant differences between the gait of Cerebral Palsy affected children and of typically developed children. In the Abd El-Kafy and El-Basatiny (2014) study the effects of postural balance training on gait parameters of Cerebral Palsy affected children. This study worked with two groups of children, both groups received traditional physical therapy while Group B also received treatment with a postural stability training program. Results showed that balance control and gait parameters improved significantly compared to children in Group A. Katz-Leurer, Rotem, Keren, and Meyer (2009), studied children with post brain injury and cerebral palsy were limited in step balance abilities in comparison to typically developed children. Children post brain injury had great step length. The discovery was that those with individual with cerebral pal...

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...jects developed stronger muscles, as well as some did have improved hip and knee extensions as a result of the training. The Lidbeck, Tedroff, Bartonek (2015) article discusses whether leg strength has an effect on the ability to stand independently. The research found that strength has little to no influence on the ability to stand without holding onto some sort of support. In the Taylor, Dodd, Baker, Willoughby, Thomason, and Graham (2013) article the use of progressive resistance training was examined to see if an increase in leg strength lead to improvements in mobility and gait. The results of this study showed that muscle strength did increase a significant amount but there was no improvement in walking performance or gait. The participants themselves however reported that they believed that they had improved mobility during and after the study was completed.

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