Essay about Educational Seminar On Hpv Vaccinations

Essay about Educational Seminar On Hpv Vaccinations

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Reiter and group designed a pre and post surveys were given during an educational seminar on HPV vaccinations. Data was analyzed with a SAS version 9.2 using @-tailed statistical tests and critical alpha of 0.05 (Reiter, Panozzo, Whitesell, & Brewer, 2011). The sample group were parents, healthcare staff, and school staff. A pre and post analysis was performed to assess the knowledge and belies regarding HPV and HPV vaccination. The healthcare staff scored low (31%) in the pretest on how many new HPV cases happen in the United States in a year to show an improvement after the educational intervention at (85%) (Perkins, et al., 2014). After the education component 97% of the parents were in support of a school-based vaccination clinic (Perkins, et al., 2014). The evidence of rigor is strong for this study, it meets the criteria of determining the evidence of rigor (Yang, Chang, & Chung, 2012).
Effectiveness of a provider-focused
Perkins and group designed a cohort study that evaluated provider’s interventions to increase HPV vaccination rates at seven federally qualified community health centers (FQCHC), outpatient pediatric/adolescent departments of an urban academic medical center. The sample included boys and girls aged 11-21 at the clinics receiving primary care. Data analysis was using a multivariable logistic regression (Perkins, et al., 2014). The pre-intervention to create a baseline was the review of the electronic health record for a six month period prior to first contact with the providers to determine vaccination rates (Perkins, et al., 2014). Providers were allowed to develop their own action plans and get consents for HPV vaccinations. Providers were also given feedback on their effectiveness of their o...

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...(Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). A pre-test evaluating the level of understanding will be given to the intervention group. This will determine the level of education that is needed for the group. Healthcare professionals may have more knowledge then the parents/school group. The pre-test will show if there are areas that need more education then others. For example one of the pre-test questions will be: “Do you know what Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is?”. Based on the amount of no answered received for that question, more education may have to be given in to what HPV is and how it is transmitted. Pretest should be conducted in systematically, allowing for time to be taken to complete (The process of constructing a questionnaire, 2015). The format of the pre/posttest will be kept simple with yes and no answers and limited to under five questions (See Table 1)

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