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Educational Ethics Essay

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Using the four ethical frameworks from a Normative Perspective this scenario will be critically examined through the lens of the teacher. Ethical issues identified by the author are the divide between the prospective financial supporters and the beliefs and policies of the school. Furthermore the community’s health and wellbeing and the impact one has on the other.
Consequentialism is a decision made based on the possible outcome of the action (Preston, 2001). Through examining the outcome the possible negative results can be eliminated (Dr A. Sammel, personal communication, July 7,2010). Consequentialism has three sub categories, to be discussed individually.
Egoism- What is best for oneself and forgetting all others (Burgh, Field & Freakley, 2006). Applying this to the scenario the teacher considers self preservation and what is best for them on a professional level. Going against the principal’s creed could damage the teacher’s professional progress and therefore be a negative consequence. To eliminate this outcome the teacher would disagree with the sponsorship therefore no other parties would benefit.
Altruism- selfless act that considers all others affected identifying what is best for them (Preston, 2001). Therefore, regarding the scenario, the following parties must be considered and the impact:
Molly- needs a financial sponsor to achieve her goal before and after the twist.
School Community- creating partnerships with a sponsor, enables opportunities for the school to participate in events in the future, whilst resourcing the school after the twist.
The principal- this partnership is in direct opposition to what they are trying to achieve.
The wider community- Taking up this sponso...

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...ion as this will enable more students to learn and achieve their goals.

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