Utilitarian Ethics And Racial Discrimination

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The high expulsion rate of black students even from pre kinder Garten, gives rise to various ethical questions. Are not they being discriminated against? The number of black preschoolers being expelled is disproportionately high. It gives rise to a very important issue that if the schools are discriminating against the students of color. It of course puts a question on the ethics of the preschools. The question is not just of prejudice but if racial discrimination shows up against the tiny preschoolers then it raises questions regarding ethics as well. Of course racism is not ethical and neither is race based prejudice. Black school children while they represent only 18% of the total enrolled, constitute around half of the total expelled. This data is truly shocking. Black students are also more likely to be punished and disciplined as compared to the white students.
Even if we discuss it in terms of ethics, we know that discrimination and prejudice are never ethical. Moreover, the data presented by the Yale researchers also clearly shows that there is prejudice. It cannot certainly be denied. Equally undeniable is the fact that racial discrimination and prejudice are still prevalent in our society and that despite the government’s efforts, blacks get to be its victims. If schools themselves will stop being ethical how can we be sure that they will guide the students to be ethical. Utilitarian ethics states that our actions should be guided by the fairness of their consequences. What is going to be the future of the expelled kids or those who bore the brunt of racial discrimination at a very young age. Of course, it does not promote equality or happiness and as such is immoral also.
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... such practices and especially in case of very young kids. We need to act in a direction which produces social good and discrimination never goes hand in hand with social welfare. Especially, it is even bad since blacks have already faced too much of racial discrimination in our society. So, unless proper action is taken in time, we will be unable to produce results. Such practices are only going to open the channel which takes young black children to the jail when they grow up. For the welfare of the black society, the concentration has to be on education and opportunities. Racial discrimination with school kids will not just affect their career prospects but will also label them as educational failures. It can definitely not be ethical if one’s action ruin their opportunities of progress and this is certainly what their expulsion from Pre Kinder Garten results in.
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