Educational Approach: Collaborative Group Work Essay

Educational Approach: Collaborative Group Work Essay

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The following essay will outline group work, authentic task and self-efficacy, three theoretical influences that will inform my teaching practices as a future educator within a schooling environment. These three themes group work; authentic learning and self-efficacy are concepts that can be incorporated into the classroom in order to provide successful educational outcomes. I will also explore the interconnecting theories that are related to the three main themes, providing informed knowledge that is relevant to a classroom context. Lastly, I will integrate these themes in with my values as a future teacher and demonstrate the effectiveness learning theories can provide for students.
Group work is an educational approach that is characterised by discussion, diverse perspectives, debates, constructive feedback, reaching consensus, and the involvement of every member in the group (Woodfolk, 2010, pg 338). Group work is much more than just allocating students to a particular group, it involves two other main sectors cooperation and collaboration. For a team to work effectively together and have the same objectives, cooperation must be within the group in order to complete the task, as well as collaboration which involves debate, diverse perspectives, constructive feedback and investigating alternate topics( woolfolk 338). As a teacher it is my duty to transfer this cooperative and collaborative knowledge of group work onto my students. A specific strategy can be jigsaw, this entails a cooperative structure in which each member of the group has to teach other members a particular section of the task; evidently building on students cooperation and collaboration within the team (woolfold 341).

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...s can be demonstrated through the use of tests and assessment pieces. Developing an organised and stimulating task will hinder dialogue and interacting between members in the group (reernece).In a classroom context I can set a task for instance in a subject such as geography, when students are learning about pollution and identifying the impacts it has on our globe, students can be grouped together abiding by the interpsychological process. For instance children can work collaboratively together analysing alternate effects pollution has on the environment and effective ways we can reduce these impacts from occurring. Furthermore, the collaborative group work will develop students higher mental processes between students within the group before students can than internalise the information as part of their own cognitive development (Woodfold, 2010, pg 95).

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