The Educational Application And Critical Thinking Skills Essays

The Educational Application And Critical Thinking Skills Essays

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Throughout the course of American history there have been many different and contrasting views of how the United States ' educational system is doing, such as efficiently and sufficiently or inefficiently or insufficiently. Many people, such as parents and students argue that since America is evolving and advancing, its educational system must also evolve and advance, by strengthening students ' educational application and critical thinking skills in order to prepare the next generation of workers for the evolving nation and world.

There is lots of evidence to support the fact that the modern-day educational system is not preparing the next generation of workers for the evolving nation by not teaching students to apply themselves further and to think critically about the world around themselves. A joint effort between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau in combination with historical facts about Pre-World War ll illustrates and educates how the United States and Germany had the best public educational systems in the world. However, as time progressed, the two countries did not concentrate on higher education, but rather K-12. As a result, the average freshman in college today is two years behind earlier college entrants-in terms of academic preparation and knowledge. By providing the reader this census, the three groups illustrate to readers how our educational system has changed for the worse and also emphasizes the need for educational reform or change by strengthening Baldwin 's claim about how American education needs to better prepare students to think deeply and analytically in order to prepare them for their future.

An article from the Community of Critical thinking analyzed and proved that college facu...

... middle of paper ... is precisely this, it is not to know 'enough ' information, but to exponentially learn and conclude deep thoughts and analyses with your infinite knowledge." By stating this he exemplifies why it is crucial for a student to have his or her knowledge continue to grow and also provides examples as to how one can use this knowledge.

In conclusion, while some may argue that teachers have the option of whether or not to teach their students beyond the basic required amount, many argue that teachers must push their students beyond the basic required amount in order for them to be successful and change and affect the nation. And while some may also argue that the required basic amount is sufficient because the educational system or board believes so, it is never truly enough to make a student College ready, prepared for life, or prepared for their career and future.

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