The Education System Post Soviet Union Essay

The Education System Post Soviet Union Essay

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I am ... born in West Kazakhstan, in country which has experienced different periods of time in its way of transition to become a developed country, that was difficult and unpleasant sometimes and as a distinct with significant changes at the same time, and it still is going through a bit of bad and good. My growing up period has clashed with the collapse of Soviet Union and there were limited recourses and lack of educational foundation during the early post-Soviet Union period. The educational system was following the old-branded system and I was not really sure about what is my own way to focus on for the further formative education.
When I was in the first grade I wanted to become a musician and was studying the piano in the Musical school for 7 years. But time changed everything and I had to determine the opportunities where I am able to stay safe and well-educated as the music educational system was not far enough advanced for the time being. Very many people go through their lives having no real sense of what their talents maybe, but I found myself enjoying and interesting in Business and Management area. There was a decision to study and get the first advanced level in Economic which opened the door to a world opportunity for my future career development benefit for my whole life. It helped me actually to become employed through the Company where this type education is required.
Since those times I have desired to work within international companies to make a successful career and become a leader in the international Company which is operating in my Country. This idea was fascinating for me to understand what leadership is and take in into the structure of International companies’ management.

I came across to continue...

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...s and have lots of interests but in normal life surrounded by the people I love. A professional fulfilment is exactly what I am thinking about to make it accomplished. Once I earned a degree in MBA I will have a better career choice in a place where I could be with my family.

The HULT MBA program looks for me as the most relevant due to the 1 year impactful program which can allow me to be entirely wrapped up in study. I believe and aspire my experience and willingness to learn will be beneficial in receiving. The scholarships and grants which are offered by HULT will assist me to turn this idea into reality as I am a single mother of 12 years old son and is going to manage payment from my own budget.
On a positive note I have the full support of my immediate family who have always helped and will continue to do so in order for me to achieve a successful career.

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