The Education Of The National Curriculum Essay

The Education Of The National Curriculum Essay

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The aim of education is to prepare children for the future, instilling in them along the way a love of culture and knowledge and providing them with the skills to secure good employment and a fulfilling career. In order to achieve this aim, the Department for Education provides schools with guidelines in the form of the National Curriculum. However, the curriculum can only be successful if children are capable of accessing it; one of the main skills required to access the curriculum is the ability to read. Being able to read is one of the most important life skills that children are taught during their school years and is essential for all learning. The Education and Skills Committee (House of Commons, 2005, P.3) state,
“The ability to read is the key to educational achievement”.
This statement fosters the idea that reading provides children with a foundation that allows them to excel and achieve whilst at school, which then continues to benefit them into adult life. Cremin and Dombey (2007, p.14) believe,
“The spoken and written words are vital to life in the world outside school, and provide the medium for nearly all teaching and learning in the primary school and beyond”.
This statement suggests that without the ability to read children will struggle to access the curriculum and as a result will struggle to achieve at school.

National Context
A highly contentious area of debate among educators and government officials in relation to reading is boys’ underachievement. In 2012, the National Literacy Trust found that 76% of schools in the UK said that boys were being outperformed by girls in reading (NLT, 2012).
In England, over the past decade attainment data has shown on a consistent basis that girls outperform boys in read...

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...t boys enjoy using tablets and express positive views towards their use regardless of the task (Hughes, 2013). Therefore, with the growing accessibility of ebooks, it is believed that if boys’ enthusiasm for tablets and other electronic devices can be captured and applied to reading on tablets, it is hoped that this could be used as a strategy to change boys’ attitudes.
Finally, it must be noted that boys are not a homogenous group and all boys are not failing; in fact, there are some boys that perform better than girls. Additionally, by highlighting this issue there is a possibility that it could become overemphasised and made into a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, as the long-term impacts of poor reading skills can have such negative impacts and influence on later life; it is felt that this issue needs to be addressed. The researcher must also be careful not to

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