Essay about Education Is The Major Weapon For The Progress Of A Country

Essay about Education Is The Major Weapon For The Progress Of A Country

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Education plays crucial role all over the world. It is the major weapon for the progress of a country. There are three basic needs for human to survive that is-food, clothing and shelter but know education is one of the important need. We are living in this modern era where everybody has to run with it, which is only possible by education .Education gives us knowledge that what is happening around us. It teaches us how to live in society, and how to handle different circumstances that come in a way. It affects person‘s life in many ways thus leading towards bright future not only for him but also for whole of a country. A good education brings up new talent into country which in result increases the job opportunities to more and more people. So it is a key to raise income in a country. Education has great influence on human, poverty, illiteracy, economy and political field for the development of country.
First is human development which means advancement of people on physical, social and mental levels. Education gives the knowledge of basic health .If people of the country is healthy only then they can work for the long time efficiently. Many people are now aware of HIV/AIDS disease just because they are educated. God has gifted us with so many natural resources but because of lack of knowledge many people waste them unnecessarily .Wastage of these resources results in shortage of resources for present as well as for future and effecting growth of a country. As these natural resources are the main sources to increase the income of country. If people are educated they can use these resources in a good way. Education also lend a helping hand to single mothers to find jobs and in better upbringing of their children .They will also h...

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...r. It is a duty of government to invest more in education, for example they can make more and more study plans to educate people of country .If government will invest more on educating its population ,they will in-return receives more income. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Now a day’s many countries are raising the quality of primary, secondary and higher education to the students for their better carrier .Government instead of spending money on weapons should invest on education sector such as schools and university. They can improve the infrastructure of education system by introducing new technology in schools and university. This can make them self employed, if they even do not get jobs in future. To sum up, education can bring development when citizen of the country know where improvement is necessary for the country.

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