The Education And Health Care Systems Essay

The Education And Health Care Systems Essay

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Canada is internationally known as a safe and stable country, ideal to live in. The most recent best countries list places Canada second overall, below only Germany ( What makes Canada such a stable nation is the way our economy is controlled by the government. “Dinner Party Economics” discusses how governments can control the amount of spending to influence the economy, change tax rates, or even fluctuate money supply. This paper will use the basic knowledge I have learned from lectures as well as “Dinner Party Economics” (DPE) to examine how the Ontario provincial government is using macro economic techniques to control the economy.
First, I will focus on the education and health care systems the province has built. Ontario has a strong public education system available free of charge to all residents, as well as free health care. Both of these systems boost Canada’s human development index (HDI), and are part of the reason the country is rated so highly. Chapter three explains the HDI in more detail and mentions education is given more weight than other categories. In the 2016 budget, the Ontario government has decided to give free tuition to students whose family earns less than $50,000 a year starting in the 2017-18 school year. With higher education becoming more average, Canada’s HDI will undoubtedly rise. The decision to fund post-secondary education was made to give equal opportunities to further education for low-income families. By giving free tuition, the government will raise the happiness level of the lower class. Further, they are raising the productivity of the workforces. Chapter eight of DPE explains, “Governments influence human capital when they do such things as decide the level of education to whi...

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...ucation and smaller businesses will receive help to grow. Tax revenue will be spent effectively because it will raise the happiness of both low-income families as well as high-income. The average Ontario resident will be more productive in the work force and earn more, creating a better economy.
After briefly examining the 2016 budget for Ontario, it appears the government is doing an effective job. Many techniques and topics discussed in DPE are clearly seen in the real world example of Ontario’s budget. Although my understanding of economics is currently low, I am pleased with the way our government is running Ontario. They are aiming to please the people and continue to operate a stable and productive work force. As Thomas Jefferson states “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”

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