Essay Economic Systems: The Raise of Capitalsm

Essay Economic Systems: The Raise of Capitalsm

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Capitalism has flourished in most of the developed countries throughout the world.  Almost all developed countries have formed their economic system based on Capitalism; however, it has created some dissatisfaction among people who believe that the system is absolute and those who believe that there are flaws in the system. There is no doubt that Capitalism has helped some people flourish, but along the way, the sheer destruction it has created has affected people of all levels. It has changed the social perspective of people, and to adapt to that social aspect, they have created a mask to hide from the destruction they have caused and they have also created a different persona to satisfy themselves. In the short story Bartleby, the Scrivener, by Herman Melville argues, similar questions by portraying characters that have gone through ideal situation. First, the story takes place on Wall Street, which is the economic capital of America, where the narrator works for the rich and wealthy. “ I am one of those unambitious lawyers who never addresses a jury, or in any way draws down public applause; but in the cool tranquillity of a snug retreat, do a snug business among rich men’s bonds and mortgages and title-deeds.”(3) He also emphasizes a lot on late John Jacob Astor, who was an American Capitalist and achieved his “American Dream”. In the story, the narrator can be noted as Capitalist and Nippers, Turkey, Ginger Nut and Bartleby as workers. Through the essay Melville shows characters going through similar situations.
Herman Melville was born in 1819 and he wrote Bartleby, the Scrivener in 1854, when New York saw an immigration boom due to industrial expansion and urbanization. People also saw the opportunity to grab for themselves...

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...capitalist hides behind mask, and when they do a small charity whole world praises them for their action. Just the narrator, who by hiring unfit workers to a capitalist, tries to save his own sanity or tries to protect the little sanity he has left. He goes as far as to ask Bartleby to move in with him.
Bartleby has raised many question is out society, whether the past or present. The story can still be relevant in our society due to alienation between the capitalist and the workers. Many argue that jobs can dehumanize individuals because if one does not work as productively as a capitalist want them then they are deemed useless and are cast aside in the society. Capitalist hide behind mask to look as good as they can in front of the public and the public are as blind as they can be. Without questioning the capitalist, they follow and let themselves be dehumanized.

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