Economic System Is Better For The Populations Essay

Economic System Is Better For The Populations Essay

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Which economic system is better for the populations, the basis, the infrastructure of our economy. Socialism and Capitalism are the battle between a sink or swim mentality or a group effort for the better good. Each side have the pros and cons as one gains profit and the other helps the nation as a whole. The choices are of those of the people at the end, if one wishes to gain a profit or in the morality of everyone being socially equal. This is based on the morals, its economic gain, and the economy losses.
To begin, Capitalism revolves around the idea that an economic market should not be interfered with or neither impaired with. The idea that one should be able to create something truly of his and be able to gain profit off the means of its product. Such an example would be the selling of shoes, the owner should be able to gain a gross profit for selling the product at a certain price that will allow him to gain profit and continue his business growth. According to the university of Columbia it states that “Capitalism’s proponents respond that the right both to hire and to fire freely helps to embolden firms to take the risks of job creation and thereby raises the average level of wages and perhaps employment too. However, capitalism appears to exhibit long swings in economic activity, as measured by employment and unemployment rates, of far wider amplitude than those detectable in the more corporatist economies.” This means that the gains are that they become more wealthy and more economically stable. It also allows the system to create more jobs which give people an incentive to work more for a chance to be in the upper class. Although on the other hand, it also gives a chance for them to have high unemployment and as wel...

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...he free market concept and do not believe in a controlled market. The first graph shows how the age difference can affect the idea of either parties. Such as older men are more likely to be capitalist and anti-socialist. Although the younger people are more open have more socialist ideas rather than capitalist greed.
In conclusion, this research shows how internationally they have an effect such as a free world market rather than controlled local markets. As both ideas have faults the decision comes to an end of morals. Choosing profit other your thoughts of helping everyone, Or losing commodities over helping people. In all the idea that is heading towards the world is the ever growing capitalism as the world continues to trade internationally. The need for production increases and the signs of profit will always be there as the world slowly leaves behind socialism.

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